The Yoga Fix

The Yoga Fix


Yoga is medicine for many people. It provides immense physical and mental benefits that are unmeasurable. But, what if the movements in your practice are creating poor repetitive patterns that actually increase your risk of injury?

While the amazing practice of yoga has ancient roots, our modern society is drastically different. The Yoga Fix deconstructs the common misalignments that occur in a standard yoga practice.This e-book combines the physical therapy and movement expertise of Dr. Heafner with the skillfulness of yoga teacher Keith Allen ERYT500. 

Yoga is not broken, but certain postures need to be fixed! Whether you are new to yoga or an expert teacher, this book has movement cues and yoga alignment principles that will deeper your practice. 

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The Yoga Fix

The Yoga Fix takes readers through 40+ poses with unique content about healthy movement patterns with a blend of yoga, movement, and healthy alignment principles. The ebook is thorough, well-designed, and contains over 300 photos.

[The 128 page ebook is in color and downloads as a PDF file.]

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What You Will Learn:

1) How to perform yoga in a safer manner for your spine and body

2) Why misalignments can lead to pain or injury over time  

3) Movement cues that will strengthen your practice

4) How to develop a practice that will last a life time

Book Testimonials: 

As a beginner yoga student, The Yoga Fix is an incredible resource! Reading this book taught me so much more than yoga alignment. It taught me about healthy movement patterns throughout my entire life. Additionally, prior to reading I was having some low back pain tension that has lessened after performing the tips and cues in this book. The anatomy and movements terms are easy to comprehend for people of all ages. I highly recommend this text!!!
During my 200-hour yoga teacher training, I did not receive enough information on alignment, anatomy, and common injuries that can occur from faulty movement patterns. The Yoga Fix does an amazing job breaking down each posture. Plus, the movement terms are useful off my mat. The mix of Dr. Heafner’s PT knowledge with Mr. Allen’s yoga background is just what the yoga and movement culture need!

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Posture Library

Each pose contains the proper posture, improper posture, movement cues, and The Yoga Fix section


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